Onsite Services

Emergency Spill Response Training (First Critical Minutes)

Targeted to the fuel and petroleum industry, this course focuses on understanding the products, how to respond safely and proactively in the event of a spill. The practical component of the course involves plugging a leaking tank and building dams to prevent contamination.


Fire Extinguisher Training

Following a brief presentation on fire and fire extinguisher basics, the class will have the chance for some hands-on experience using the Bull Ex Fire Extinguisher simulator.



We offer a generic TDG course as well as specific courses that are focused on the class of dangerous good products you haul.



As a standalone course are part of a bundle, we can come to your site and offer WHMIS training for class sizes up to 20 attendees.


Employee Record Management

Using our online portal, we can develop a customized platform for you and your employees to not only just take online coursework, but to also manage their certification records and monitor training progression.